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 Danny's Store Items

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PostSubject: Danny's Store Items   Fri May 28, 2010 9:47 pm

Name: Fang
Type of Weapon: Spear
Ability: There is a button at a side of the Spear that turns it on like in the Mummy.
History: He got this spear at a Weapon's Store in Tamaraku Mall.

Name: Razor
Type of Weapon: Sword
Ability: N/A
History: He got this Sword at a Weapon's Store in Tamaraku Mall.

Name: Shadow and Light
Type of Weapon: Chains
Ability: The Chains can generate Lightning around it. It doesn't affect Daniel himself, it affects the things around it.
History: He bought these Chains in Tamaraku Mall.

Name: The Book of the Ahroun Wolves
Type of Item: Well obviously it's a: Book
Description: The book is made out of Leather and Steel.
Ability: N/A
History: It was given to him by a Weapon's store owner that was also a Werewolf, in Tamaraku Mall.

Name: The Dragon's Claw
Type of Item: Necklace
Ability: It is the Demon that covers Daniel to give him additional powers and strength. It connects through him as one.
History: He found it from walking back to Strikes.
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Danny's Store Items
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