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 Lykaios Keel (Micheal's younger brother)

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PostSubject: Lykaios Keel (Micheal's younger brother)   Thu May 27, 2010 1:26 am

General Information:

Name: Lykaios Keel
(Nickname/Alias): Ly, The Prince of Darkness

Age: 13

Personality: Ly is a shy, misunderstood young boy. At a young age, he would get teased often. This has lead him to become solitary, and quiet, seeking the company of only animals. Ly rarely speaks, sharing his thoughts with only his brother, Micheal, unless he trusts somebody, in which case he will talk to them.

Ly is also very intimidating. He is not intimidating like his brother, but instead is intimidating in a dark way. He can easily frighten even seniors. The way Ly is intimidating is in a spooky, dark way, as stated earlier. This is because of his power, and the fact that not many people know anything about him.

Ly’s favorite time is nighttime, because he feels most secure then. This, plus his shadow power, has earned him the nickname “The Prince of Darkness”.

Secondary Information:

Weight: 110 lbs.

Height: 5’5’’

Gender: Male

Ability/Power: Ly’s first power is the ability to disrupt other people’s powers. This is unconscious, and not in his control, however he can do it intentionally.

Ly’s second power is the ability to see, and talk to, the dead. Ghosts, Corpses, or anything in between. Ly can see them, and speak to them.

Ly’s third power is the ability to freeze anyone or anything. Not freeze in ice, but freeze them in place. He does this by looking at that person, and simply willing it.

Ly’s fourth power is the ability to see in complete darkness. It’s not as much as see things as if it was day, more like he can see just as well at night as he can in the daytime.

Ly’s fifth power is the ability to sprout huge, black, feathery wings from his back. This allows him to fly.

Ly’s second to last power in the ability to talk to animals. If it’s an animal, he can speak to it. Ly speaks in his own tongue, and the animal speaks to him in telepathy.

Ly’s final, and most powerful power, is the ability that’s earned him the nickname “The Prince of Darkness”. Ly can manipulate shadows to make beasts, shields, etc. He can even travel from shadow to shadow.

Facial Appearance: Ly has vividly blue eyes, looking almost alienish. He also has dark gray hair. Ly’s face is heart shaped, and his skin is grayish-pale.

Year of student: 1st


Rp Skills:

Background/History: Lykaios is Micheal Keel’s half brother. The two boys share the same father, however their mothers are different. While Micheal’s mother is human, Lykaios’ mother is a Demon.

Lykaios was born in the Ruins of the Old Taramaku City. Because he was a half-Demon, his mother knew he was in great danger of being hunted and killed by the Demon King, so his mother sent him away to live with his Father and Half-Brother, while she remained in the ruins.

However, 1 year after arriving at his father’s house, his father died died along with his step-mother, and his brother Micheal began looking after him.

Well, right away, Lykaios never fit in. While his brother was popular, friendly, and outgoing; Lykaios was an outcast, never fitting in. As a result, Lykaios didn’t go to school. Instead he taught himself.

When Lykaios was 5, he discovered his powers. He thought that his powers were interesting, and began training them. However, one day, things went horribly wrong. Lykaios was getting teased by some boys, when he acssidentally used his shadow powers to strangle, and kill, one of the boys. After this incident, Lykaios was considered officially an outcast.

When Lykaios was 13, he mistreated his powers once more and killed a group of young boys, who were bullying him at the time. As a result, he left his home for Strike’s Academy.

Rp Sample:
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Lykaios Keel (Micheal's younger brother)
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