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 Rhanta's Weapons

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PostSubject: Rhanta's Weapons   Fri May 21, 2010 4:59 am

I don't see a template, so I'm just going to create my own. Is it okay?

Name: Shadow and Phantom
Type of Weapon: Kodachi
Description: A pair of kodachi, one pure red and one pure back. They look like normal kodachi, only with a few differences. Shadow is the pure black kodachi. At the end of the hilt (before the blade) is no guard, but a baseball-sized glowing ball of red. On the other end is a bat-wing cross-guard that covers his hand, but doesn't connect with the other end of the hilt. Phantom is the pure red kodachi, looks exactly like Shadow only with these differences: the glowing ball is black and instead of the bat-wing crossguard, Phantom's is an angel wing. Both can talk to Rhanta, and they, once willed, can appear as spirits, but can fight hand to hand (without their abilities), making them available as Rhanta's bodyguards.
Ability: When Shadow makes contact with Rhanta (in sheath or in hand), Rhanta will be given ability to control the shadows and darkness, given that at least Rhanta's shadow would be there. When Phantom makes contact with Rhanta, Rhanta can use Phantom as a medium of his powers, enabling him to use lightning on Phantom, making her a lightning blade.
History: Rhanta's La Mort D'Armes (Death Weapons) when he joined Dusk's side. He was shocked the latter had contact with the Redeemers of Malevolence, but the kodachi did serve him well. Shadow and Phantom are, in fact, spirits turned into weapons. Phantom is a priestess that's black magic ran across through her veins, turning her into a powerful sorcerer, while Shadow is a dark assassin who can control the shadows and darkness.

Name: Arcanus Infinus (Volumes I-IV)
Type of Weapon: Books
Description: the Arcanus Infinus are a set of mystical books written in a special language only Rhanta knows.
Ability: So long as the books are near to Rhanta (in his knapsack, per se) Each Volume has a specific ability Rhanta can use: (their strength is the same as Rhanta's lightning and telekinetic attacks)
Vol. I: a spirit ball attack
Vol. II: a spirit shield
Vol. III: a spirit dome
Vol. IV: a floating spirit sword (that Rhanta can use using his telekinesis to fight from a distance)

(NOTE: The power of these spells grow as Rhanta grows in power. He's a mage, afterall)

History: Rhanta's an avid fan of mystical objects. His sister, being a secret agent, brought countless volumes of the Arcanus Infinus, made by an unknown author, to their doorstep. Rhanta was trained by his sister to be a magic user, though he can only use the First Four Volumes since he's still an apprentice.

Name: Arcanus Deck
Type of Weapon: Cards
Description: They're tarot-card like cards. Only with a different design, and, since they're attached to Volume V that Rhanta accidentally bought (and can't use), Rhanta has access to its 12 cards with elemental attacks (only 1 Set for 3 posts befo. Recharge time,3 posts before it can be used again)(this is just a sub of the Fifth Vol. these are all fairly weak spells and are used only for support) :
Ice Set:
1: ice ball attack
2: ice shield
3: ice blade
Fire Set:
1: fire ball
2: fire shield
3: fire daggers
Wind Set:
1: wind ball
2: wind shield
3: wind whip
Earth Set:
1: earth ball
2: earth shield
3: earth hammer
History: Rhanta just knows they possess great magical power, and Rhanta can only use them. Aside from being magical cards, they can also be used as mystical tarot cards, though reading them is harder than reading tarot cards.
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PostSubject: Re: Rhanta's Weapons   Thu May 27, 2010 3:11 pm

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Rhanta's Weapons
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