Here in Greece, there are many Gods and Goddesses, and some children known to be Demi-Gods and Goddesses. Will you be one of them?
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 Time for what I do best

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PostSubject: Time for what I do best   Tue May 18, 2010 2:31 pm

Rhanta entered the Library, which was pretty large for a school. The Library had maple flooring, and the ceiling, along with the walls, are painted gold. There's a large and glittering chandelier on the upper-center of the room. In front of him (at the very center of the room) is a large column. Around it is a ring-shaped table with four openings. On each corner is a librarian, that ironically look alike and all wear the same clothing. There are twelve sections of the library, without walls to isolate each. There are many columns of books, and there are lots of tables. Very grand for a library.

He ignored the students he met, and he just went to the section of the library where he's designated: the most isolated and the most mysterious section; the Arcanus Section. He started to browse the books, "The book I'm looking for must be here. I'm sure of it."
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Time for what I do best
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