Here in Greece, there are many Gods and Goddesses, and some children known to be Demi-Gods and Goddesses. Will you be one of them?
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 Rhanta Reon

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General Information:

Name: (Amun) Rhanta Reon
(Nickname/Alias): the Phoenix, Thirteen, the Crimson Phoenix, Rhanta

Age: 15

Personality: Rhanta is the shy type. Though once you meet him, he's a really mysterious but caring person. When in the mood, Rhanta usually meditates anywhere. He usually stares at himself, or talks at himself (his dark side). Rhanta has a dark side, a more darker side of him. When angry, Rhanta will either be in merciless mode or berserk mode. When he's angry at someone, he either makes them feel it, or plans a dark plan to finish them. He's a neutral person, and is very choosey in terms of friends.

Rhanta's a cold but caring person. He's basically the guy who usually does things his way, and always does things with the surprise factor. He's quick and witty, both in and out of battle, that makes him able to use the environment and the abilities of his opponent against themselves. Rhanta's also a gifted philosopher, and loves to talk about things. He usually loves reading, but he's more focused on training. Rhanta loves weapons, especially his twin kodachi, and loves talking with his pets usually about nothing. Rhanta's a neutral player, he loves making friends, but hates it when he speaks first. He makes a lot of friends, but betrays whoever deserves it. Rhanta always forgets but never forgives, due to the things that happened in his life.

Secondary Information:

Weight: 130 lbs

Height: 5'9''

Gender: Male

He's born with the power to manipulate and generate lightning (from his father)
He's also born with the power of telekinesis and telepathy (from his mother)
He can also travel through shadows and darkness (only travel, he can't attack while doing this)

Facial Appearance:
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Crimson
Skin Tone: Pale

Year of student: Sophomore


He's young but witty. He's also agile and fast for his age since he's been trained to perfection. His white hair usually shines silver when sunlight hits it, and no one has actually been able to see his crimson eyes, but they still appear reddish within the mask. His skin is pale white, he has a cold touch, very ironic since he's uses lightning. His hands were built to handle weapons, and he usually kicks first before he punches. He loves to jump, leap, tumble and do somersaults so that's why he's the 'black phoenix'.
Clothing: Wears a bone demon mask to hide his face
Wears a long black overskirt, a black gothic bat jacket, pitch black pants, and gray shoes.
Body Type: Rhanta has a normal physique. Not too slim, but not too fat.


Rp Skills:

Rhanta is born in a normal way. His parents died in a plane crash shortly after he was born (that's what he knows), and his sister, Cathlyn, survived with telekinesis. She then raised Rhanta as her own child in their rest house. Cathlyn trained Rhanta in the arts of Ninjutsu, since she saw him use a shuriken to hit a dummy without even hitting it. Rhanta has a twin brother, Set, which became his rival. Because he's always sick when they're kids, it was Rhanta who got the most care. Set got angry with that. Amongst the two, it was Set who discovered his abilities first. He was rebellious, but he's dangerous, since he's going through rapid mutation, he's recieving powers of great intensity. Rhanta, on the other hand, discovered his abilities with the help of his sister. It was also her who taught him how to travel through shadows and darkness.

In his childhood, Master Kazi, Cathlyn's mentor, taught Rhanta how to fight hand to hand, and even helped him build his own martial arts (the Phoenix Style, as opposed to Set's Black Phoenix Style). It was also Master Kazi who taught Rhanta how to use the kodachi. And since he knew Cathlyn has powers, it was also him who taught Rhanta how to use his abilities while in combat.

In his pre-teens, Rhanta developed the ability to make lightning balls, lightning bombs, lightning waves and lightning daggers. Rhanta was also trained to do parkour, and is very agile for his age. He's resistant to lightning, and can even have super speed once he uses lightning on his feet.

Now, he's enrolled to Strikes Academy, wondering how his future would be like.

Rp Sample:
(This is taken from a chapter of New Age Chronicles: Season 3: The Error. I wrote the book so this is really how I roleplay.)


Rhanta snapped his fingers and out came a pair of lightning daggers. He rushed towards Thoth.
Thoth smiled, and from his left hand appeared a psychic katana that is similar to Alexander’s, but different in color (white).
Thoth made a side-spin, and avoided Rhanta’s attack. He kicked Rhanta back and sent Rhanta past the edge of the roof, into the air, about to fall.
Rhanta was shocked of what has happened, but he is quick. He immediately grabbed a pole near him with a foot, spun around, and went back to the roof, and ran to the middle with such speed that Rhanta was breathing hard because of fright, because he, like Jake, has fear of heights. “You trying to kill me?!” asked Rhanta jokingly,
“You have a common fear of heights,” told Thoth, “Interesting. So now, I guess, tomorrow’s training is about that.”
Rhanta’s eyes enlarged, “Why did you get an idea to--?”
Thoth was immediately in front of Rhanta, psychic blade ready, and was pointed towards Rhanta’s neck, “Checkmate.”
Rhanta hissed, “That was hell of a spar,”
Thoth nodded as he concealed his blade with a swift turn of his hand, “Stand and let’s start.”
Rhanta stood up and awaited his orders,
“When we sparred,” started Thoth, “What did you notice?”
“About you or about me?” asked Rhanta,
“About you,”
“I’m fast but not that fast,” told Rhanta,
“No, it’s not like that,” told Thoth, “You’re fast, but your senses are not quick enough to analyze what I’m about to do or what I shouldn’t do,”
“So I should be like a computer?” asked Rhanta jokingly,
“Not only that,” told Thoth, “But you should think before and during you act. You should know how your enemy moves, or you’ll be beaten easily. What else do you notice?”
“I usually use my hands only for lightning, and I always use my feet for fighting,” said Rhanta,
“You’re like a super-conductor,” told Thoth, “It’s not only your hands where you can cast lightning. You can use like nearly every part of your body.”
“Really?!” asked Rhanta,
Thoth nodded, “Yes. But we’ll do that some other time.”
Rhanta sighed in disappointment,
“Anything else?” asked Thoth,
“I’m an expert when using my senses,” told Rhanta,
“Yes,” told Thoth, “We can say that. But that isn’t enough.”
“Why?” asked Rhanta,
“You may have mastered your skills by those five senses,” told Thoth, “A trainer of yours may have taught you that, but he missed one important thing.”
“And that is?” asked Rhanta,
“Fighting without using one of those senses,” told Thoth,
“Why so?” asked Rhanta,
“You’re too dependent of your five senses to such a point that once one is missing, the tide will be turned against you,”
Rhanta bowed in dismay
“So enough with the talk,” told Thoth,
By those words, Rhanta was delighted,
“We’ll start by training your mind and your eyes,”
“Why?” asked Rhanta as he immediately went far away,
“You can’t fight with only speed and strength, Rhanta,” explained Thoth, “If you don’t use your mind, you’re completely useless. And I notice that you have problems with your eyesight. If you can’t use them well, or if you can’t act well without them, you’re completely useless.”
Rhanta nodded in dismay, “How are we going to start?”
Thoth stood for a moment to think, “Hmm…”
Thoth tossed Rhanta a blindfold.
“Use it,” told Thoth, “And wait for further instructions.”
Rhanta blindfolded himself. After that, he immediately said, “Are you sure you’re not going to leave me here?”
“No,” was Thoth’s immediate answer, “Even if I would, you already have noticed it with your ears.”
“’kay…” said Rhanta as he stood there and waited for further instructions
Rhanta waited for a moment.
Rhanta waited for a minute.
Rhanta waited for ten minutes.
Rhanta waited for half an hour.
Rhanta waited for an hour.
Rhanta waited for three hours.
Thoth punched Rhanta but the boy just blocked it with his right hand.
“Good,” said Thoth, “You learned the first lesson. Since you’ve been blindfolded and not used to be blindfolded for a long duration, you learned to be alert.”
Rhanta nodded in thanks,
“Next task,” said Thoth as he went far again,
“Is?” asked Rhanta as—
Rhanta heard strange sounds coming to face him, and he dodged them by doing a side-roll to his left.
And those who tried to hit him ‘exploded’. Rhanta spent the rest of the day dodging these kinds of attacks.
“That’s good,” said Thoth, clapping, “I guess that’s enough for today. Come back for tomorrow’s training.”
“Should I remove this blindfold?” asked Rhanta
“Of course,”

The next day…
“So what’s this day’s training is all about?” asked Rhanta,
“Yesterday, you ‘perfected’ your training with eyesight, your mind and your ears as you dodged those attacks that might prove fatal to ordinary kids,” answered Thoth, “Now, I’ve got to train your balancing skills.”
“How?” asked Rhanta,
“Like this—“ answered Thoth as—
In a split second, Thoth raised his hand and aimed at the flag pole (without a flag) on his right, just in the middle, and made a ‘slash’ with his hand, which apparently slashed the flagpole with Thoth’s force. The flagpole’s length decreased in number.
“For the rest of our training time, you’ve got to balance yourself there,” said Thoth. Rhanta quickly went to balance himself, “Standing?” asked Rhanta
“Any way you like,” answered Thoth. Rhanta nodded, and he found his perfect position for balance: a frog-like position.
“You ready?” asked Alexander,
Rhanta nodded.
“Your main goal,” answered Alexander, “Is to dodge these attacks while you maintain your balance.”
“Can I counter?” asked Rhanta,
Alexander shook his head, “No. It’s for our next lesson.”
Rhanta nodded, “I’m ready.”
Alexander raised his hand and a large number of telepathically-made arrows appeared, all aimed at Rhanta.
The arrows rushed at Rhanta with immense speed, and Rhanta had difficulty dodging them. Some hit him, but he dodged most of them. He used to raise his whole body upwards, while his left or right hand holds the tip of the pole for assistance. He also developed other alternative ways of balance. He went upside down or sideways or began spinning.
As usual, the rest of the day was like that for Rhanta: dodging bullets or arrows of telekinetic force while maintaining balance.
“That’s enough,” said Thoth as he stopped summoning bullets, Rhanta sighed (a sigh of relief) and went down, “And I bet tomorrow’s the time you’re waiting for,”
“What?!” asked Rhanta, excited,
“Tomorrow’s training is about you being a superconductor,” said Thoth, smiling,
Rhanta smiled too. At last, he has a new grip.
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Rhanta Reon
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